实际这个case用户在带库里是由完整备份和归档的,但是实际情况所制约没有那么多空间和时间去从备份里恢复数据了,如果真的那么做,可能至少需要几天时间,而实际恢复业务要求在1天内。所幸的是业务对这些表的完整性要求不高,而且从后期来看在truncate后插入数据的量很少,所以这个case在协商后使用了PRM-DUL成功scan database字典模式下恢复truncate功能来恢复了。



免费的PRM-DUL License : 

PRM- A FULL GUI DUL data unloader For Oracle Database

TRY PRM-DUL Data Unloader For Oracle Database


FULL GUI supported, easy to use, written in Java cross platform . PRM can help user recover data from truncated table or corrupted database!


PRM-DUL Data Unloader – For Oracle Database, from ParnassusData Software System Inc., which can save your ORACLE database


PRM – a public DUL with GUI , is free to download trial version.

PRM is designed for Enterprise Database Recovery, which includes all Oracle DUL data recovery functionalities, and also easy-to-use GUI. Users can purchase PRM for its rich GUI on your recovery. Or, you can contact ParnassusData for professional service that is either onsite or remote for your request. Rich GUI wizard can guide your recovery process. PRM can recovery your data direct from your database file system (dirty read). If your data has not been covered, PRM can guarantee your 99.9% data back.


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