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一般的にORA-00600[25026]エラはORACLEがあるtablespaceテーブルスペースをテストするときに、使えないtablespace IDあるいはRDBAで引き起こされたものである。その二つの変数の意味は:

Arg [a] — tablespace ID
Arg [b] — rdba


ORA-00600[25026]エラはKernel File management Tablespace componentモジュールに属して、可能な影響はインディクスを失敗させるあるいはブロックを物理的に壊すなど。



NB Bug Fixed Description
13503554, Various ORA-600 errors crashing the apply process in a downstreams environment
17604137, ORA-600 [25026] when running query on table being dropped
12912297,, CREATE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE incorrectly allows a tablespace group causing ORA-600 [25026] on insert
+ 9399991,,,, Assorted Internal Errors and Dumps (mostly under kkpa*/kcb*) from SQL against partitioned tables
8630146, OERI [25026] / OERI [25012] by SMON while recovering a transaction against a dropped tablespace
6249879, OERI [kcbgcur_1] / [25026] / ORA-1502 from DML on table with CONSTRAINTS
4545196, Corrupt index leaf by RMAN CONVERT from cross platform transport of compress-key indexes





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