【Oracleデータリカバリ】Redo LogベッドブロックCorruptionの解決例 ORA-16038 ORA-00354 ORA-00353 ORA-00367 ORA-01624

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データベースがあるredo logファイルを起動するときに、ログ損害/ベッドブロックが現れて、以下のエラになるかもしれない:


ORA-16038 log %s sequence# %s cannot be archived
ORA-354 corrupt redo log block header
ORA-353 log corruption near block  change time
ORA-367 checksum error in log file header

[oracle@mlab2 ~]$ oerr ora 16038
16038, 00000, “log %s sequence# %s cannot be archived”
// *Cause: An attempt was made to archive the named file, but the
// file could not be archived. Examine the secondary error
// messages to determine the cause of the error.
// *Action: No action is required.

[oracle@mlab2 ~]$ oerr ora 354
00354, 00000, “corrupt redo log block header”
// *Cause: The block header on the redo block indicated by the accompanying
// error, is not reasonable.
// *Action: Do recovery with a good version of the log or do time based
// recovery up to the indicated time. If this happens when archiving,
// archiving of the problem log can be skipped by clearing the log
// with the UNARCHIVED option. This must be followed by a backup of
// every datafile to insure recoverability of the database.
[oracle@mlab2 ~]$ oerr ora 353
00353, 00000, “log corruption near block %s change %s time %s”
// *Cause: Some type of redo log corruption has been discovered. This error
// describes the location of the corruption. Accompanying errors
// describe the type of corruption.
// *Action: Do recovery with a good version of the log or do incomplete
// recovery up to the indicated change or time.
[oracle@mlab2 ~]$ oerr ora 367
00367, 00000, “checksum error in log file header”
// *Cause: The file header for the redo log contains a checksum that does
// not match the value calculated from the file header as read from
// disk. This means the file header is corrupted
// *Action: Find the correct file and try again.




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