11g OCM 自评

以下为博主yetanotherocm对自己的11g OCM考试的情况的自评, 1代表做的很差,5代表做的不错。他在2012年3月通过了11g ocm,此前有一次考试失败的经历。


Based on the 11G OCM Upgrade Exam Objectives, I rate myself as follows (1=poor to 5=good):

考试专题 自评 参考
Database, RMAN, EM and Network Configuration
Configure server-side network 4
Configure client-side network 4
Create and Manage encrypted tablespaces 4
Create and Manage a tablespace that uses NFS mounted file system file 4 14 Set Up DirectNFS for Example Database
Set up ADR file based repository 4
Perform cold database backup 5
Manage user accounts and use case sensitive passwords 4 11G OCM Case Sensitive Passwords
Use OPatch to install a patch 4 11G OCM OPatch on GRIDCTRL
Install and configure EM Agent 4 02 Deploy EM Agent on BANKSTOWN
03 Upgrade to EM Agent
15 Deploy EM Agent on PENRITH Cluster
Create Base Recovery Catalog 5
Configure RMAN 4
Perform multisection backup of a datafile 4
Create an Archival Backup 4
Data Guard
Create Physical Standby Database with real-time apply. 3
Configure the data guard environment to reduce overheads of fast incremental backups on the primary database 4
Configure the Observer 1
Switchover and switch back 3
Convert the standby to a snapshot standby 1
Configure archivelog deletion policy for the dataguard configuration 4
Data and Data Warehouse Management
Troubleshoot fast materialized views to fast refresh and query rewrite 1
Add a tablespace by using Transportable Tablespace Feature of Data Pump Import (cross platform transportable tablespace) 1
Configure a schema to support a star transformation query 4
Configure and use parallel execution for queries 3
Use and access SecureFile LOBS 1
Create partitioned tables (includes reference and interval partitioning) 4
Configure Flashback Data Archive 4
Use Oracle Streams to capture and propagate changes in a table 1
Performance Management
Set up and configure Resource Manager to control active sessions, number of I/Os, execution time..etc 4
Use Result Cache 4
Use multi column statistics 4
Gather statistics on a specific table without invalidating cursors 4
Use partitioned indexes 4
Use SQL Tuning Advisor 5
Use SQL Access Advisor 5
Configure baseline templates 4
Use SQL Plan Management feature 4
Replay a captured workload 4




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