【12c Cloud Control】EM Agent可能消耗大量内存

em process consuming large memory suspected 中建议在AIX平台上监控多个目标时设置LDR_CNTRL和 AIX_THREADSCOPE 这2个参数。



实际在12c的官方文档Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Administrator’s Guide 12c Release 2 (中也提到了http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/doc.121/e24473/emctl.htm#CBHCDGCD



On IBM AIX environment with a large memory configuration where the Management Agent is monitoring a large number of targets, the Agent may not start. To prevent this issue, prior to starting the Management Agent, add the following parameters to the common environment file:





The LDR_CNTRL variable sets the data segment size and disables loading of run time libraries in kernel space. The AIX_THREADSCOPE parameter changes AIX Threadscope context from the default Processwide ‘P’ to Systemwide ‘S’. This causes less mutex contention.




推荐 follow Doc 1332522.1中给agent设置内存使用上限的方法, 且该方法不会影响RDBMS数据库的正常使用。

1 & 2)
emwd.pl & emdprocstats.pl are part of scheduled collection. They will be executed as per the schedule mentioned in your agent.


3) Yes. It is recommended to make the changes as per this note. In many occassions, this settings have solved the issue.
They are kernel settings which is suitable and recommended for Agent in AIX. So, it ususally don’t affect other applications or system.”





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