Oracle DUL & Desperation: The Trials and Tribulations of Corruption

What tools exist for DUL?
As mentioned before, there are very few utilities available for unloading Oracle data files. If you should run into a situation where you need this type of utility or service, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list below:

  • Bernard’s Data UnLoader
    Oracle’s official DUL utility was initially written by Bernard van Duijnen as a standalone C application for Oracle Support in the Netherlands. DUL services from Oracle are offered only as a consulting-based engagement and are rumored to be quite expensive.


  • Oracle Salvage
    Oracle Salvage is a SQLite-based data unloader written in C by former Oracle kernel developer Scott Martin of Terlingua Software. It is offered as a product.


  • OracleRecovery
    A MSVC++-based DUL utility from OfficeRecovery. It is offered only as a product.


  • Recovery for Oracle
    Recovery for Oracle is a Delphi-based DUL utility offered as both a service and a product from a guy in Poland.


  • WisdomForce FastReader for Oracle
    Another utility capable of performing parallel and selective data unload from Oracle.


  • MyDUL
    Different from AUL, MyDUL is a non-commercial utility written by Jerry Sun. I am not sure whether it is still publicly available.


    Clever Little Oracle Unloading Tool, my own proof-of-concept DUL utility, is not commercially available.


  • K2Tor Pro
    Available in both educational and real-life versions, K2Tor is able to describe the data file structures as well as perform data unloading.


  • FlashUnload
    Currently listed as an empty SourceForge project (with screenshots), I’m currently verifying that this utility was written by ex-Oracle RAC performance guru Stefan Roesch.




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