enq: JI – contention等待事件

Sessions waiting on this event are waiting on locks held during materialized view operations (such as refresh, alter) to prevent concurrent operations on the same materialized view.


A materialized view cannot be fast refreshed more than once in a given period because it is serialized during the commit phase. Ensure that only one session at a time is performing the refreshes. If there is more than one session, the first session will work normally but the subsequent sessions will wait on “enq: JI – contention”.

Waits on this event can also be caused by on-commit time logic within the materialized view. Normally when a session updates record 1 and commits and then another session updates record 2 and commits, they do not have to wait for each other. However, when using an on commit-time fast refreshable materialized view on top of the table, we do have to wait when two sessions do totally unrelated transactions concurrently against the same table. This is not a problem when the table is modified infrequently or only by a single session, but it can be a big problem when applied to a table that performs a lot of modifications concurrently. Be sure to use on commit-time fast refreshable materialized views for implementing business rules only on tables that are not concurrently accessed or infrequently changed.




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