EVENT 10051:"trace OPI calls"

Error:  ORA 10051
Text:   trace OPI calls
This is NOT an error but is a special EVENT code.
It should *NOT* be used unless explicitly requested by RD support.

Event 10051 allows you to track OPI calls on the server side.
This can be useful to home in on what sequence of events lead
to a problem. It complements SQL*Net trace and <Event:10046>
trace. You can quickly see where FAST UPI etc.. is in use.

Levels:    The event is just either on or off.

Output: The output is simply of the form:

OPI CALL: type= 2 argc= 2 cursor=  0 name=OPEN

where:    type     = the OPI call type (program interface function call)
argc     = Argument count
cursor     = the cursor number the call is being made against
name       = description of the program interface function call.

Interpreting DUMP LOGFILE Output                      <Note:29726.1>




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