EVENT:10061 disable SMON from cleaning temp segment

Error:  ORA 10061
Text:   disable SMON from cleaning temp segment

        This is NOT an error but is a special EVENT code.
        It should *NOT* be used unless explicitly requested by RD support.

        It allows you to prevent SMON from cleaning up temporary segments.
        If set in:

            This will prevent SMON performing cleanup of TEMP segments
            and from coalsecing extents. The cleanup action was performed
            every 3 minutes in 7.0.X releases.

            The event behaviour is modified in that TEMP segment cleanup
            is skipped on TIMEOUTS but will be performed if SMON is
            posted. The cleanup only occurs every 12 hours or when posted
            in 7.1.X releases.
            You can POST SMON by performing a failed CREATE TABLE command.

            A new event 10269 is for coalescing extents.

        event="10061 trace name context forever, level 10"


@Archived Managing SMON Activity on multiple OPS instances   <Note:45856.1>




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