EVENT:10210 check data block integrity

Event:10210                  See  for similar events / parameters

  7.0 - 8.1.7  Check data block integrity after each modification
  9.0+         This event is no longer valid. Use <Parameter:DB_BLOCK_CHECKING>

7.0 - 8.1.7 "Check data block integrity after each modification"
  NOTE: Events should NEVER be set by customers unless advised to do so by
        Oracle Support Services. Read  before setting any event.

Summary Syntax:
  This event should be set at instance level:
    EVENT="10210 trace name context forever, level 10"

  This event is either ON (level 1 or higher) or OFF (not set)

  Note that in 8.1.6 onwards you should use the
  instead of this event.

  Event 10210 enables data block integrity checking.
  This causes the data layer to perform a number of checks on the
  contents of a data block. If the block is found to be corrupt
  in some way it is marked as SOFTWARE CORRUPT.

  NB: Blocks are ONLY checked/corrupted when CHANGED. They are NOT
      checked when accessed for read.

  Take care with this, as if there are blocks in the database which
  are being accessed happily but have a minor corruption such as
  an incorrect free space count, this event will mark the block as
  corrupt. Once marked SOFTWARE CORRUPT the data in the block
  is not accessible to Oracle.

  See  for more detail of various block checking features.

Example Output / Interpreting Output:
  This event will cause an ORA-600 error to be signalled if a corruption
  is detected after a data block has been modified. The exact content
  of the trace file depends on the ORA-600 and the action at the time
  of the corruption being noticed. Refer to the relevant ORA-600 article
  for the error which is signalled.

  Database block checking features
  Index and Cluster block equivalents
  See event 10231 which allows SOFTWARE CORRUPT blocks
    to be skipped on full table scans




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