EVENT:10212 check cluster integrity

Error:  ORA 10212
Text:   check cluster integrity
        This is NOT an error but is a special EVENT code.
        It should *NOT* be used unless explicitly requested by RD support.

        Event 10212 enables cluster block integrity checking.
        The causes a number of checks on the contents of a block.
        If the block is found to be corrupt in some way it is marked as

        NB: Blocks are ONLY checked/corrupted when CHANGED. They are NOT checked
            when accessed for read.

        Take care with this as if there are blocks in the database which
        are being accessed happily but have a minor corruption this will
        mark the block as corrupt.

        Once a block in an cluster is marked SOFTWARE CORRUPT it is best to
        rebuild the entire cluster.

Usage:  event="10212 trace name context forever, level 10"

        Data and Index block equivalents  <Oerr:10210> <Oerr:10211>




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