EVENT:10218 dump uba of applied undo

@23-JAN-01, rpowell.uk, Distribution justification: "Should not be used by
@ customers unless told to by support so making noncustomer-viewable." - dbither.us

Event: 10218
Text:  dump uba of applied undo

   Events should NEVER be set by customers unless advised to do so by
   Oracle Support Services.  See <Note:75713.1> for more details.

   This event simply shows the undo block addresses for the undo
   applied during recovery.  This can be useful to see the progress of
   the rolling out of transactions, and to help identify where a rollback
   has gotten stuck.

Example output:
         uba: 80000ca.0d.12
         uba: 80000ca.0d.11
         uba: 80000ca.0d.10
         uba: 80000ca.0d.0f
         uba: 80000ca.0d.0e
         uba: 80000ca.0d.0d
         uba: 80000ca.0d.0c
         uba: 80000ca.0d.0b




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