EVENT:10228 trace application of redo by kcocbk

Error:  ORA 10228
Text:   trace application of redo by kcocbk

        This is NOT an error but is a special EVENT code.
        It should *NOT* be used unless explicitly requested by RD support.

        Event 10228 is potentially useful in recovery situations since it
        traces the application of redo. Therefore, if cache recovery
        appears to hang or corrupt blocks then this can help track the dba
        and operations upon it.

        This event is available in Oracle 6 and 7.

        The code just calls the same routines used to dump a redo log using
        'alter system dump logfile' so has the same output.
        The benefit is that it'll stop when it hits the corruption.

        Interpreting DUMP LOGFILE Output <Note:29726.1>




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