GC FREELIST等待事件 freelist empty

kclevrpg  Lock element event number is the name hash bucket the LE belongs to.

kclnfndnew – Find an le for a given name


  1. SQL> select * from v$sgastat where upper(name) like ‘%GC%’;POOL NAME BYTES———— ————————– ———-shared pool gcs shadows freelist 840shared pool gc read wait freelist 4105920shared pool kpssnfy: kpsssgct 72shared pool gc policy history array 24576shared pool gcs shadows 501614160shared pool gcs shadows segmented arr 144shared pool gcs res latch table 38400shared pool gcs I/O statistics struct 48shared pool gc delta push statistics 1040shared pool gcs scan queue array 24shared pool ktgCircBuf:MinActScn Trc 40032POOL NAME BYTES———— ————————– ———-shared pool gc injected bitvec 16shared pool KJGCR global context 360shared pool kponstslv-prgctx 5120shared pool gcs procsss descriptor 64248shared pool gc name table 37748736shared pool gcs commit sga state 106504shared pool gcs res hash bucket 50331648shared pool gc lock contexts 481520shared pool gcs resource segmented ar 144shared pool gcs process descriptor ar 24shared pool gc region array 16POOL NAME BYTES———— ————————– ———-shared pool gc lock state 10176shared pool gcs resource freelist arr 24shared pool gcs resources 724553784shared pool gcs resource freelist 792shared pool gcs scan queue 528shared pool gcs mastership buckets 3072shared pool gc delta push object arra 40shared pool gcs resource freelist seg 24shared pool gcs shadows freelist arra 24shared pool gc offline scn array 1608shared pool gcs delta freelist 24POOL NAME BYTES———— ————————– ———-shared pool gcs opaque in 28728shared pool gcs pnp histo 4160shared pool GCR 2776shared pool gc instance cache transfe 589824shared pool gcs shadows seg array 2438 rows selected.




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