How to Boot Oracle Linux into Rescue Mode


It is possible to boot Linux in rescue mode using the installation media and bypassing the disk. During the rescue session, you can choose network. Once the system is up, you will have access to the disk.

Note: In rescue mode, HDD/NIC will be recognized by the rescue mode OS, and they could be different from the names in normal boot



Follow the below steps to boot in rescue mode:
1) Boot from the Linux  Installation Media   (this may require you to change the bios to boot from dvd)
2) Choose Rescue Mode by typing the following at the boot prompt and pressing <Enter>:

linux rescue
3) Choose the Language
Select desired language using arrow keys then press enter.
4) Choose Keyboard Type
Select desired keyboard type using arrow keys then press enter.
5) Network Interfaces
The network interfaces are unnecessary. Use arrow keys to highlight No then press enter.
6) Choose to mount the filesystem atutomatically. or choose Skip mounting current system if you intend to fsck the disk (a filesystem that will be fsck-ed should be unmounted)




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