How to handle ddl in GoldenGate environment without ddl replication?

Question:gg only config to replicate dml, when source has some ddl changes, how to handle in source and target?

GoldenGate capture the dml changes only by default,if you have made any changes in DDL structure,then stop the extract and replicat process and make changes in DDL structure and restart the extract and replicat process,then only extract can be able to capture the changes done at DDL structure.

It is advisible that stop extract,pump and replicat process make changes in the DDL and restart the extract,pump and replicat.
The above suggested procedure will not make any impact in DDL replication.

Also you can follow the below procedure
1. stop extract
2. stop data pump
3. there are lag in replicat, so replicat still running to reduce lag
4. do ddl in source, when replicat is running
5. stop replicat untill lag=0 ddl in target
7.start extract and pump and replicat

Question:After do ddl in source, whether need to do delete and re-add the trandata on the table which is been changed?

yes,you are correct,After doing DDL changes,you need to do delete and re-add the trandata on the table which is being changed.


  1. Thanks a lot Dear ! it helps a lot




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