How to set LOGSOURCE PATHMAP on GoldenGate

the source machine os is solaris ,the mid machine os is linux ,
the target machine os is solaris,i want extract archive log file and pump trail file
to target on mid machine , i check GoldenGate Reference Guide version 10.4 about TRANLOGOPTIONS,
must set ARCHIVEDLOGONLY and LOGSOURCE PATHMAP , in my environment ,how to set LOGSOURCE PATHMAP ?

There two primary things that need to be met when extracting the data remotely.

1. Endian order (How the bytes are stored)
Big endian OS    : AIX, HPUX, MVS, SOLARIS, S290
Little endian OS : LINUX, VMS, WINDOWS

2. Bit (32 or 64 bit).

If your source is SOLARIS(Big Endian) and mid machine where archive logs resides as LINUX(Little Endian),
then you cannot use LOGSOURCE as it violates the ENDIAN order.

For exampel you can either have source and mid machine as solaris solaris or AIX ,HPUX  or vice versa

The general syntax to extract data from transaction logs which resides on a platform other than the one
which hosts the database If you the source and mid machine are Solaris you can use the following syntax.


Please refer Oracle GoldenGate Reference guide page 356 for the example




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