How to troubleshooting RAC Vip Problem

1.- Please provide the output of the following commands from each node:

 srvctl config nodeapps -n <nodename> -a -g -s -l
 ifconfig -a
 cat /etc/hosts

2.- Please set debug mode for VIP resources and reproduce the problem. Please take note of the time of the test:

 a.- As root user, issue the command :
 crsctl debug log res "<>:5"

 (note: replace for each of your vip resources)

 b.- Take note of node, date, time

 c.- Reproduce the problem

 d.- You may turn off debugging with command :
 crsctl debug log res "<>:0"

3.- Set OS watcher as the following note explain:

 Note 301137.1: OS Watcher User Guide - upload output of OS Watcher

4.- Collect from each node:

 a.- Os log files

 b.- Os watcher stats for the time of the test

 c.- CRS log files:
 From the $ORA_CRS_HOME, run the following commands as root

 * $script /tmp/diag.log
 * $env
 * $id
 * $cd $ORA_CRS_HOME/bin
 o Execute by passing the crs_home as the following
 o export ORA_CRS_HOME=/u01/crs
 o $ORA_CRS_HOME/bin/ -crshome=$ORA_CRS_HOME --collect

This will create the crsData_<hostname>.tar.gz, ocrData_<hostname>.tar.gz,
oraData_<hostname>.tar.gz and basData_<hostname>.tar.gz. Additionally in 11gR2,
there will be os_<hostname>.tar.gz and ipd_

 d.- If Vendor clusterware is not used then upload the oprocd logs.
They are in /var/opt/oracle/`hostname`/ on most platforms.




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