IBM GSA Senior DBA招聘

发一个IBM GSA招聘Oracle Senior DBA的JD,requirement还是比较靠谱的。
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Basic Information

Vacancy Title

Senior Oracle DBA 

Business Unit Description

We participate in the pursuit and qualification of new strategic outsourcing engagements and incremental business opportunities, and deliver a broad range of application management and managed operations services to IBM’s strategic outsourcing customers in Australia and New Zealand.



Professional Area

Information Technology & Services

Please select appropriate profession

 Technical Service



Employment Type





Internal Information


Project Area Description

Position Concept

Provide Technical expertise and mentor  a team of technical specialists controlling and supporting various ORACLE database environments and software products.


Internal Job Description (e.g. the deliverables/results the candidate is expected to achieve)

Duties and Responsibilities

1.      Undertake the evaluation, testing, implementation and maintenance of ORACLE software products and services.

2.      Provide professional consultation to management and internal clients on technical issues associated with the ORACLE database, and associated software products.

3.      Conduct complex ORACLE database systems technical reviews to improve performance, resource utilisation and integrity.

4.      Provide second tier technical support as required to meet defined service targets.  Required to perform overtime activities and on-call support.

5.      Provide technical instruction to other team members.

6.      Specify, design and develop utility programs as required to support to ORACLE environment; and consult on their implementation and usage.

7.      Investigate and resolve problems arising in all aspects of the ORACLE environment.

8.       Investigate, and provide solutions to, technical issues concerning the management and utilisation of ORACLE software products.

9.       Liase and manage clients satisfaction on technical issues.

10.   Train and share knowledge with team members.  Improve the morale of the team during critical situations.

11.  Provide support and guidance to other technical teams around IBM.

12.  Formulating and implementing monitoring, policies, procedures and standards relating to database management.

13.   Participation in a 24×7 on-call rotation on a periodic basis; this requires functional knowledge of all Telstra production systems and subsystems outside of the database layer in order to provide on-call support;

14.   Analysing systems errors or anomalies, as well as specific database performance issues and/or error messages, in order to ensure maximum uptime and service quality and assess trends that may ultimately result in degradation of service



Desired Experience (e.g. type of work, projects, area of business etc)

Mandatory skills

·       Comprehensive and expert knowledge of Oracle database architecture and software products, including a detailed knowledge of Oracle internals and database recovery techniques.

·        Oracle 10g, 9i , 8i Administration skills

·        Oracle 10 and 9i RAC skills

·        RMAN Backup Recovery

·        Configure and install Oracle Enterprise Manager

·        Extensive experience supporting 24X7 mission-critical production applications and databases,



Skill level description

1.    Limited knowledge. No experience.

2.    Limited ability to perform. Has general knowledge only. Very limited experience.

3.    Can perform with assistance. Has applied knowledge. Has performed with assistance on multiple occasions. Has performed independently in routine situations.

4.    Has in-depth knowledge and can perform without assistance. Can direct others in performing. Repeated and successful experience.

5.    Has comprehensive knowledge with ability to make sound judgements. Can give expert advice and lead others to perform. Extensive and comprehensive experience


Technical Skills

You must enter a minimum of 3 skills in each category

(Maximum of 30 Characters per skill only)


Skill 1

 Oracle database admin


Skill Level (1 to 5)



Skill 2

Oracle Backup and Recover ( RMAN Tool)


Skill Level (1 to 5)



Skill 3

Real Application Cluster (RAC)


Skill Level (1 to 5)



Skill 4

Oracle Enterprise Manager


Skill Level (1 to 5)



Skill 5

 UNIX operating system and facilities


Skill Level (1 to 5)



Skill 6

 Unix Shell scripting


Skill Level (1 to 5)



Non-Technical Skills

You must enter a minimum of 3 skills in each category

(Maximum of 30 Characters per skill only)

Skill 1

Communication Skills (English – Written and Verbal)

Skill Level (1 to 5)


Skill 2

Teaming skills

Skill Level (1 to 5)


Skill 3

Problem Solving skills

Skill Level (1 to 5)





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