MongoDB管理员培训 for Administrators training

MongoDB for Administrators培训

培训课程请联系电话:13764045638  邮箱



MongoDB Architectural Overview
Origin, design goals, key features
Process structure (mongos, mongod, config servers)
Directory / file structure
Working with the MongoDB Shell
Documents and data types
CRUD (Inserts, queries, updates, deletes)
System commands
Single-server Configuration and Deployment
Configuration files
Data files and allocation
Log files
Hardware and file-system recommendations
Built-in authentication
Recommendations for secure deployment
Monitoring MongoDB
Analyzing memory and IO performance
Integration with monitoring tools: Munin / Cacti / Nagios
MongoDB’s web console
Indexing and Query Optimization
Managing indexes and MongoDB indexing internals
Single / Compound / Geo indexes
Identifying sub-optimal queries. Using the query profiler.
Introduction to drivers (Java/Python/Ruby/PHP/Perl)
How the drivers and shell communicate with MongoDB
BSON and the MongoDB Wire Protocol
Troubleshooting application connections
Intro to Read and Write scalabilityReplication and Durability
Master-slave replication
Replica sets
Using write concern for durability
Handling replication failures
How sharding works
Setting up a MongoDB shard cluster
Choosing a shard keySharding and indexes
Sharding and Replica Set Topologies
Administering a sharded cluster
Shard / Chunk MigrationBackup and Restore Plans
Filesystem-based strategies
mongodump / mongorestore
mongoimport / mongoexport





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