【Oracle数据恢复】ORA-600 [kcbgcur_9]错误解析

ORA-600 [kcbgcur_9]错误的触发原理是 当 buffer被以某种类型顺序pin住以便防止内部死锁时,发现当前buffer被以错误的类型顺序pinned或者同一class中有重复的buffer;  也可能在更新只读表空间时与ORA-372错误一起发生。
该ORA-600 [kcbgcur_9]错误隶属于内核 buffer cache模块

这个ORA-600 [kcbgcur_9]错误一般有4个argument:


Arg [a] The Database Block Address (DBA)
Arg [b] The buffer class
Arg [c] Block class order mask
Arg [d] Block class checking mask

ORA-600 [kcbgcur_9]错误可能的影响是造成进程失败,但一般不会造成数据块的损坏


ORACLE SUPPORT对遇到该问题的主要建议是 检查所有的系统硬件 磁盘和内存, 以便保证不是底层系统造成了该问题。


一些可能造成ORA-600 [kcbgcur_9]的BUG:



NB Bug Fixed Description
10061015,,, ORA-600 [ktfbhget:clsviol_kcbgcur_9] can occur on transported in tablespace
9407198, “LOG ERRORS INTO” can cause ORA-600 [kcb***] or hang scenarios
9133601 ORA-600 [kcbgcur_9] from MERGE into an IOT
8459467, ORA-600 [ktfbhget:clsviol_kcbgcur_9] attempting to ONLINE a tablespace
7644703, OERI[kcbgcur_9] on alter tablespace online
6918892 ORA-600 [kcbgcur_9] from DML on sys.aud$
4917666, OERI[kcbgcur_9] from type constructor
8778379 Fix event 10227 in 10.2 ORA-600[kcbgcur_3] or ORA-600[kcbgcur_9]
3655948, OERI:kcbgcur_9 during disconnect with distributed transaction
3127116, OERI:kcbgcur_9 during rollback of DML in ASSM segment
2771042, OERI[kcbgcur_9] when performing DML on an IOT with an FGA policy
2747873, DBMS_SPACE.UNUSED_SPACE may fail with OERI:kcbgcur_9
2722809, OERI:kcbgcur_9 on direct load into AUTO space managed segment
2716406 OERI[kcbgcur_9] executing DBMS_SPACE.FREE_BLOCKS procedure on bitmapped segment
2619895, Dump / OERI:kcbgcur_9 using PLSQL in SET clause of MERGE .. UPDATE
2392885, Direct path load may fail with OERI:kcbgcur_9 / OERI:ktfduedel2
2311214,, OERI:KCBGCUR_9 possible for SQL against IOT
1785175, OERI:kcbgcur_9 from CLOB TO CHAR or BLOB TO RAW conversion
4124059 OERI[kcbget_31] / similar KCB errors in single instance
2202310, OERI:KCBGCUR_9 possible from SMON dropping a rollback segment in locally managed tablespace
2035267, OERI:KCBGCUR_9 possible during TEMP space operations
1804676,, OERI:KCBGCUR_9 possible from ONLINE REBUILD INDEX with concurrent DML
1397075, OERI:KCBGCUR_9 from SMON during temp seg cleanup for segment in read only LOCALLY MANAGED TABLESPACE






  1. Diagnosis: May occur with ORA-372 error when trying to update read-only tablespace or partition via direct load. Also reported with block corruption problems.The Buffer Class Order mask is a bitmap for each class of buffer.The values correspond to the classes of buffer which must NOT already be held when attempting to pin this buffer, including the current class.The Buffer Class Checking mask is a bitmap corresponding to the classes of buffers currently held by this process. This is what is being compared to the buffer class order mask. This internal error is identical to kcbget_33




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