Ran the script and came back with table_act_entry.
Can select from table_act_entry table with rownum<200 but other rownum 
options give error. Also attempted to analyze "SA"."TABLE_ACT_ENTRY" table 
but receive same ORA-600 error. You can see from pasted data.  Can't anaylze 
SQL> select * from TABLE_ACT_ENTRY where rownum>100 and rownum<150;
select * from TABLE_ACT_ENTRY  where rownum>100 and rownum<150
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-600: internal error code, arguments: [ktspScanInit-d], [35758097], 
[],[], [], [], [], []
SQL> select * from TABLE_ACT_ENTRY where rownum>18315000;
select * from TABLE_ACT_ENTRY where rownum>18315000
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-600: internal error code, arguments: [ktspScanInit-d], [35758097], 
[],[], [], [], [], []
SQL>  analyze table "SA"."TABLE_ACT_ENTRY" validate structure cascade;
 analyze table "SA"."TABLE_ACT_ENTRY" validate structure cascade
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-600: internal error code, arguments: [ktspScanInit-d], [35758097], 
[],[], [], [], [], []
   ORA-600 [ktspscaninit-d] [a]
   versions 9.2
   Oracle has encountered an inconsistency in the metadata for an ASSM
   (Automatic Segment Space Management) segment. 
   An ASSM segment has two Highwater marks, a Low Highwater mark (LHWM) and 
   a High Highwater mark (HHWM - this is the same as a traditional HWM).
   This error is raised when we fail to locate the Low Highwater mark block.
   Stored in the Segment header is information which identifies the Level 1
   Bitmap Block (L1BMB) for the LHWM block, this BMB is managing the range 
   of datablocks holds the LHWM block.
   If during a scan of the ranges in this L1BMB we fail to locate the LHWM
   block then this error is raised.
   Arg [a] Block address of Low HWM block  
Tried to corrupt the bitmap and rebuild it - this did not work
Drop table and import from backup - this is not an option
the table is critical to the complete operation of the database.

A tool 'DUL' was used to take table data and write it to a flat file, and now  they are trying to use SQLLOADER to load it back into a table;

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