oracle 19c X$MESSAGE

oracle 19c X$MESSAGE



SQL> select description , dest from x$messages order by dest;

DESCRIPTION															 DEST
run all timeout and interrupt actions for this background
KSB action for X-instance calls 												 *
KSB action for bast checking													 *
generic shutdown background													 *
ksim instance group membership notifier 											 *
KSB action for ksbxic() calls													 *
enter / exit graph test specified wait												 *
Monitor Cleanup 														 *
svr actn for shrd grp reg/dereg 												 *
attach processes to dlm 													 *
init function for LCK1														 *
check for KJCI cross-instance requests												 *
Scumnt mount lock														 *
Poll system events broadcast channel												 *
database close in progress													 *
kfk FD cleanup															 *
Auto BMR message														 ABMR
Auto BMR Listener														 ABMR
ACMS Watchdog Task														 ACMS
ACMS initialization														 ACMS
ASM to slave BG msg														 ARB*
ARCH initialization														 ARC*
Archiver wakeup 														 ARC*
Archiver disconnect														 ARCH
Archiver shutdown														 ARCH
Job Queue Interrupt														 CJQ*
Job Queue Interrupt														 CJQ*
Job Queue Interrupt														 CJQ*
Job Queue Timout														 CJQ*
Shutdown Job Queue Process													 CJQ*
Check for async in-memory job messages												 CJQ0
Check for async messages from other instances											 CJQ0
Coordinator send broadcast timeout												 CJQ0
kcbz update TSE bh														 CKPT
CKPT reuse range call continuation												 CKPT
update recovery-based i/o statistics												 CKPT
Db Checkpt Request check													 CKPT
Db Checkpt Compl check														 CKPT
Get Proxy Lock															 CKPT
read CCID on standby														 CKPT
readable standby CKPT channel													 CKPT
start change tracking in ckpt													 CKPT
hold alert level														 CKPT
Flashback barrier														 CKPT
subscribe/unsubscribe to flashback broadcast channel										 CKPT
Cleanup move operations 													 CKPT
get (XR,4,0) enqueue														 CKPT
release (XR,4,0) enqueue													 CKPT
mira CKPT channel														 CKPT
KKX: drop ncomp dll action													 CKPT
Compile Environment Monitor													 CKPT
get RAC load enq in NULL													 CKPT
kfc CKPT mount disk group													 CKPT
kfc CKPT dismount disk group													 CKPT
kfc CKPT driver 														 CKPT
ASM-DB communication interrupt action												 CKPT
ASM-DB communication timeout action												 CKPT
unlock an extent map														 CKPT
CKPT stat update timeout action 												 CKPT
CKPT reuse call completion action												 CKPT
CKPT reuse range call														 CKPT
CKPT reuse call continuation													 CKPT
CKPT subscribe reuse block range channel											 CKPT
CKPT subscribe object channel													 CKPT
close control file														 CKPT
CPU dynamic reconfiguration													 CKPT
identify control file														 CKPT
change tracking message 													 CTWR
change tracking timeout action													 CTWR
shutdown DBRM															 DBRM
do RM action in DBRM														 DBRM
subscribe to quiesce channel													 DBRM
unsubscribe to quiesce channel													 DBRM
DBRM ADG in-memory state refresh												 DBRM
DBRM Timeout Actions														 DBRM
RM running count check														 DBRM
Check for MDBRM to LDBRM message												 DBRM
Check for LDBRM to MDBRM message												 DBRM
DBRM Active Session Limit Event 												 DBRM
Check queuing policy														 DBRM
SQL Memory Management Calculation												 DBRM
check for quiesce messages													 DBRM
unquiesce the instance during database close											 DBRM
mount/dismount all db files													 DBW*|BW*
get/release open thread enqueue 												 DBW*|BW*
DBWR monitor checkpoint 													 DBW*|BW*
DBWR write buffers														 DBW*|BW*
Refresh Snapshot														 DBW0
sync PDB															 DBW0
Release startup spfile lock													 DBW0
Get startup spfile lock 													 DBW0
kfcb Poke DBW0															 DBW0
kfcb force dismount disk group													 DBW0
kfc mount disk group														 DBW0
kfc dismount disk group 													 DBW0
kfc invalidate file extent													 DBW0
Reserve lock name space lock													 DBW0
Release lock name space lock													 DBW0
complete Release space call													 DBW0
periodic shadow lost write													 DBW0
unit test															 DBW0
close and unlock db file													 DBW0
offline db file 														 DBW0
verify/invalidate all db files													 DBW0
foreign key invalidation													 DBW0
recovery db file verification													 DBW0
DBWO timeout kcbifc														 DBW0
Message to flush IMU txns													 DBW0
Db Instance Lock Mgmt														 DBW0
Db File check															 DBW0
Db mount lock															 DBW0
identify db file														 DBW0
lock db file															 DBW0
acquire enq during pdbopen by HARIM												 DBW0
Process new DBs that join ASM locally												 DIA*
poradebug commands														 DIAG
perform process diagnostic													 DIAG
hanganalyze request														 DIAG
Clusterwise dump request													 DIAG
DMON do critical instance eval and registration 										 DMON
DMON Wakeup															 DMON
DMON Interrupt Routine														 DMON
DMON shutdown															 DMON
DMON Verify Standby shutdown for PM violation											 DMON
DMON Execute Task Message													 DMON
DSKM check for message from master DiskMon											 DSKM
IORM action															 DSKM
DSKM action															 DSKM
DSKM fini															 DSKM
DSKM init															 DSKM
DSKM procures HCA loadavg and computes offloaded write thresh									 DSKM
SAGE CC Action															 DSKM
FSFP Wakeup															 FSFP
FSFP Register Observer Message													 FSFP
FSFP Shutdown Message														 FSFP
Inactive Account Time Job													 GEN0
Heartbeat action for HSM connectivity												 GEN0
Periodic Remove Old Key From Standby												 GEN0
GEN0 Master Check														 GEN0
XStream timeout action														 GEN0
Diskgroup Resource Action													 GEN0
kfk timeout action in GEN0													 GEN0
ASM UFG health check timeout													 GEN0
kill client															 GEN0
initiate block repair														 GEN0
ASM kffil check timeout 													 GEN0
Volume Resource Action														 GEN0
UTS Async Dump															 GEN0
PDB SGA init															 GEN0
PDB close abort 														 GEN0
GWM RAC affinity action 													 GEN0
pdb event stats action														 GEN0
Wait Outlier thresholds 													 GEN0
Process wait outlier														 GEN0
KSU GUID MAC Address update													 GEN0
event nfy timeout action													 GEN0
KSM SGA slaves spawn														 GEN0
UM Background action														 GEN0
Parameter spfile sync														 GEN0
check for parameters from other instances											 GEN0
test kspset() from within bg													 GEN0
Action-Based process Test													 GEN0
Spawn processes on behalf of someone else											 GEN0
Direct NFSv4 RENEW lease operation												 GEN0
DTrace based Kernel IO	Outlier  Processing											 GEN0
Auxilary ipc init gen0 action													 GEN0
Auxilary ipc finish gen0 action 												 GEN0
Auxilary ipc timedout gen0 action												 GEN0
Auxilary ipc intr gen0 action													 GEN0
Auxilary ipc message gen0 action												 GEN0
prespawn init check														 GEN0
prespawn timeout check														 GEN0
prespawn clean check														 GEN0
Start Exadata specific backgrounds												 GEN0
GEN0 willl check for DSKM health												 GEN0
KSVMSVC timeout action														 GEN0
quarantine cdb actions														 GEN0
quarantine per-pdb actions													 GEN0
event nfy timeout action													 GEN0
KSNS background action														 GEN0
check instance runtime														 GEN0
ITM background action														 GEN0
Hang Manager parameters 													 GEN0
SGA memory tuning parameter update - GEN0											 GEN0
kcb L2 cache verify file header 												 GEN0
kcbz background redodump													 GEN0
kcb DW object cooling														 GEN0
kcb Cloud ENCTS check														 GEN0
kcl initiate persistent read mostly												 GEN0
kcl update persistent read mostly info												 GEN0
kcl downconvert object locks													 GEN0
periodic PDB tasks														 GEN0
clear preserved buffers and sessions												 GEN0
BA container GEN0 action													 GEN0
get quiesce enqueue														 GEN0
release quiesce enqueue 													 GEN0
GEN0 Timeout KCQ cleanup													 GEN0
prcoessing object/range redo markers												 GEN0
Prepare flashback log														 GEN0
Fetch recent RCVID list 													 GEN0
CLI Create All Slave Tasks													 GEN0
CLI Create One Slave Task													 GEN0
MGA CMI background action													 GEN0|IPC0
AWR Raw Metrics Capture 													 GEN1
session param update action													 GEN1
MGA Stat refresh background action												 GEN1
Create vatopa mapping														 GEN1
KSB GEN1 init															 GEN1
ksusehst kill slave														 GEN1
KFFG sync timeout action													 GEN1
pcs timeout action														 GEN1
kspcs Oradism init														 GEN1
kspcs Oradism close														 GEN1
ksusehst record session usage action												 GEN1
ksusehst predict session usage action												 GEN1
session update action														 GEN2
GMON async DB messaging interrupt action											 GMON
GMON async DB messaging timeout action												 GMON
update PST															 GMON
update PST status														 GMON
check PST															 GMON
query PST															 GMON
update PST on reconf														 GMON
PST dismount disk group 													 GMON
set heartbeat sensing														 GMON
sense a heartbeat														 GMON
timeout 															 GMON
refresh 															 GMON
shutdown process														 GMON
Run unit test on all mounted groups												 GMON
emulate i/o errors on a disk													 GMON
Dump PST															 GMON
Global Txn SHUTdown														 GTX*
K2Q Timeout action														 GTX*
free instance lock														 GTX*
convert instance lock														 GTX*
get instance lock														 GTX*
IMCO cycle action														 IMCO
IMCO init															 IMCO
IMCO action															 IMCO
IMCO FastStart Defer Write Scheduler												 IMCO
IMCO Trickle Repopulate 													 IMCO
IMCO global dictionary action													 IMCO
IMCO ADO action 														 IMCO
IMCO worker action														 IMCO
INSV Shutdown Message														 INSV
INSV Receive Message														 INSV
INSV Interrupt															 INSV
KSGL timeout															 IPC0
PMON notify IPC0 of process failure												 IPC0
KSGL node join															 IPC0
KSGL node exit															 IPC0
KSRMA mount															 IPC0
KSRMA Recovery Log Allocation													 IPC0
KSRMA RMA OP															 IPC0
KSWL PMON notify IPC0 of process failure											 IPC0
KTURMA Message action														 IPC0
KSGL mount in IPC0														 IPC0
KSGL initialize service 													 IPC0
MGA CMI background init action													 IPC0
KSIPC MGA Segment Check 													 IPC0
KSIPC finish action														 IPC0
KSIPC Grp Refresh action													 IPC0
KSIPC reconfig action														 IPC0
KSIPC shutdown action														 IPC0
KSIPC msg action														 IPC0
KSIPC interrupt action														 IPC0
KSIPC initialize server 													 IPC0
KSIPC timeout action														 IPC0
KJFM update process heartbeat													 LCK*|DIA*|LGWR|CKPT|DBRM|IPC0|ARC*
kxfp signal recv function													 LCK0
ksim reg/dereg instance group													 LCK0
ksim query instance group													 LCK0
ksim polling interrupt action													 LCK0
ksim get value															 LCK0
ksim cache line update														 LCK0
KSB Rolling Migration interrupt action												 LCK0
KSR Control message service routine												 LCK0
KSXP look for slow sends													 LCK0
Cross-instance broadcast message												 LCK0
KSXR remote instance died													 LCK0
KSXR finialize															 LCK0
Get java patching locks 													 LCK0
Free java patching locks													 LCK0
Check SCN adjust														 LCK0
gc global ckpt timeout														 LCK0
gc policy timeout														 LCK0
gc policy interrupt														 LCK0
kcl stop gcscn bcast														 LCK0
kcl start gcscn bcast														 LCK0
get TS enq for sort segment													 LCK0
release TS enq for sort segment 												 LCK0
sequence bckgrnd instance lock													 LCK0
Get instance lock														 LCK0
Escalate Lock															 LCK0
Get instance lock for recovery													 LCK0
Release instance lock														 LCK0
Recalled lock															 LCK0
kea signal recv function													 LCK0
ksim LCK0 functions														 LCK0
get and hold global enqueue													 LCK0
KQLM interrupt action														 LCK1
KQLM invalidation instance lock operation											 LCK1
kfr Poke LGWR															 LGWR
kfr Incr Ckpt															 LGWR
kfr ACD relocation														 LGWR
kfr Disable Reloc CIC														 LGWR
LGWR Set DCON bit														 LGWR
LGWR failure															 LGWR
LGWR re-eval member locks													 LGWR
Redo writer IO's														 LGWR
Redo writer post action 													 LGWR
Redo writer log switch operations												 LGWR
Redo writer heartbeat														 LGWR
Redo writer generate offline immed marker											 LGWR
Cache all logfiles														 LGWR
Advance RTA boundary														 LGWR
Suspend Redo Gen														 LGWR
Suspend Redo Gen														 LGWR
LGWR initialization														 LGWR
LGWR flush workers														 LGWR
Open/close/mount/dismount thread												 LGWR
readable standby LGWR channel													 LGWR
Standby media recovery info cleanup												 LGWR
Switchover/PDB relocate message channel subscribe										 LGWR
Redo writer quiesce IMC on standby												 LGWR
Redo writer advance query scn on standby											 LGWR
Redo Writer end query scn on standby												 LGWR
action to cleanup mira context													 LGWR
dml_locks = 0 global enforcement												 LGWR
get KTU instance lock														 LGWR
convert KTU instance lock													 LGWR
free KTU instance lock														 LGWR
LGWR to Start DMON														 LGWR
kfr mount disk group														 LGWR
kfr Dismount disk group 													 LGWR
KJBFP PBR writer main														 LMFC
KJBFP increment PRI														 LMFC
Complete deferred initialization of components											 MMAN
Reset advisory pool when advisory turned ON											 MMAN
Handle sga_target deferred request delete											 MMAN
Handle mem_target resize													 MMAN
Handle sga_target resize													 MMAN
SGA deferred allocated granules Initialization											 MMAN
Memory Management														 MMAN
SGA deferred allocated granules move												 MMAN
tune undo retention														 MMNL
Get current scheduling delay													 MMNL
MMNL Periodic MQL Selector													 MMNL
AWR Raw Metrics Capture 													 MMNL
MMNL DB close															 MMNL
ASH Sampler (KEWA)														 MMNL
Sweep PL/SQL incidents														 MMON
Process staged incidents													 MMON
DDE Periodic Dump Scheduler													 MMON
DDE MMON action to schedule async action slaves 										 MMON
Execute GWM MMON task														 MMON
AWR Auto Flush Task														 MMON
AWR PDB Auto Flush Task 													 MMON
AWR UMF Auto Flush Task 													 MMON
AWR Auto Purge Task														 MMON
AWR PDB Auto Purge Task 													 MMON
AWR Auto DBFUS Task														 MMON
AWR Auto CPU USAGE Task 													 MMON
KEWR SlavePool Test MMON Main													 MMON
ASH Emergency Flusher (KEWA)													 MMON
ASH Progressive Flusher (KEWA)													 MMON
Advisor delete expired tasks													 MMON
MMON Initialization action													 MMON
MMON Post-Initialization action 												 MMON
MMON Remote action Listener													 MMON
MMON Local action Listener													 MMON
MMON Completion Callback Dispatcher												 MMON
MMON set edition interrupt action												 MMON
MMON ping action														 MMON
MMON testing action 2														 MMON
MMON testing slave														 MMON
run-once action driver														 MMON
shutdown MMON															 MMON
MMON DB open															 MMON
MMON DB close															 MMON
MMON periodic cleanup														 MMON
MMON Autotask Action														 MMON
metrics monitoring														 MMON
threshold reconciliation													 MMON
threshold reloading														 MMON
ADDM (KEH)															 MMON
sql tuning hard kill defense													 MMON
autotask status check														 MMON
Maintain AWR Baseline Thresholds Task												 MMON
WCR: Record Action Switcher													 MMON
WCR: Record State Check 													 MMON
WCR: Record SharedDir Check													 MMON
WCR: Capture Stats Update													 MMON
WCR: Abort capture on IO error													 MMON
KEC Create directory														 MMON
WCR: Replay Action Switcher													 MMON
WCR: Replay State Check 													 MMON
WCR: Replay Deadlock Detection													 MMON
WCR: Replay Stats Update													 MMON
WCR: Replay Admin Alive Check													 MMON
WCR: Replay Send References													 MMON
WCR: Replay remote clock propagation												 MMON
WCR: Replay remote posts													 MMON
SQL Monitoring Garbage Collector												 MMON
Report Capture Daemon														 MMON
Report Capture Test (KERPI)													 MMON
Real-Time ADDM Trigger														 MMON
Index usage tracking statistics flush												 MMON
Execute on-demand tuning task (KESTS)												 MMON
Check for sync messages from other instances											 MMON
Check for autostart messages from other instances										 MMON
Coordinator autostart timeout													 MMON
Job Autostart action force													 MMON
ADR Auto Purge Task														 MMON
ADR Space Management Statistics Flush												 MMON
ADR PDB Auto Purge Task 													 MMON
Schedule slave to update incident meter 											 MMON
Update KGSTM Translation													 MMON
Update shared pool advice stats 												 MMON
Refresh active service cache													 MMON
reload failed KSPD callbacks													 MMON
reconfiguration MMON action													 MMON
MMON request to purge LTXID history table											 MMON
SGA memory tuning parameter update												 MMON
SGA memory tuning														 MMON
flashcache object keep monitor													 MMON
deferred controlfile autobackup action												 MMON
recovery area alert action													 MMON
Flashback Marker														 MMON
SMON_SCN_TIME Copy to PDBs													 MMON
undo usage															 MMON
Block Cleanout Optim, Undo Segment Scan 											 MMON
BCO:																 MMON
Flashback Archive RAC Health Check												 MMON
Flashback Archive RAC action													 MMON
CLI AutoPartition														 MMON
ILM segment access flush													 MMON
ILM row access flush														 MMON
tune undo retention lob 													 MMON
MMON Periodic LOB  MQL Selector 												 MMON
MMON Periodic LOB Spc Analyze													 MMON
tablespace alert monitor													 MMON
ILM check															 MMON
ILM cleanup															 MMON
Column-Level Statistics flush													 MMON
Cleanup of unpinned KGL handles 												 MMON
OLS Cleanup															 MMON
Triton Session Cleanup														 MMON
ASM Audittrail cleanup														 MMON
dblink logon table cleanup													 MMON
Sample Shared Server Activity													 MMON
JAVAVM poll for JIT														 MMON
Shutdown JAVAVM JIT														 MMON
Compute cache stats in background												 MMON
SPM: Auto-purge expired SQL plan baselines											 MMON
SPM: Check SMB size														 MMON
SPM: Delete excess sqllog$ batches												 MMON
flushing workload information for optimizer											 MMON
cleaning up workload information for optimizer											 MMON
light-weight checks for optimizer statistics advisor										 MMON
SQLQ: Auto-purge expired SQL quarantine configurations										 MMON
PQ: Adjust Slave Pool														 MMON
KSXM Advance DML Frequencies													 MMON
KSXM Broadcast DML Frequencies													 MMON
PGA Max Size (QESMM)														 MMON
Cleanup client cache server state in background 										 MMON
MMON TSM Cleanup														 MMON
alert message cleanup														 MMON
alert message purge														 MMON
Network Server shutdown 													 NSS*
Network Server forced														 NSS*
Network Server wakeup														 NSS*
NetSlave Shutdown Message													 NSV*
NetSlave Initialize Message													 NSV*
NetSlave Interrupt Function													 NSV*
NetSlave Wakeup Message 													 NSV*
pmon dtp init															 PMON|CLMN
scrub for timedout processes													 PSP0
measure scheduling delay													 PSP0
KSO initialize PSP0														 PSP0
fork new processes														 PSP0
KSO finalize PSP0														 PSP0
kxfp remote slave spawn recv function												 PXMN
free PX memory chunks in background												 PXMN
periodic PDB tasks														 PXMN
DSKM to master BG msg														 RBAL
register to node local process group												 RBAL
Interrupt Action														 RBAL
Timeout interrupt action													 RBAL
ASM to master BG msg														 RBAL
ASM to BG mesg															 RBAL|GMON
BG load lib msg 														 RBAL|PSP0
distributed recovery shutdown													 RECO
distributed recovery wakeup													 RECO
RMON BG Driver															 RMON
Payload action to BG														 RMON
RMON Init Action														 RMON
shutdown RMON process														 RMON
action for buddy instance													 RMS0
do work for new gpnp instances													 RMS0
action to cleanup buddy instance context											 RMS0
RSM Wakeup															 RSM0
RSM Set Parameter														 RSM0
RSM Interrupt Routine														 RSM0
shut down															 RSMN
main																 RSMN
Test Driver wakeup														 RTTD
RTTD initialization														 RTTD
Open/close flashback thread													 RVWR
RVWR IO's															 RVWR
SMCO Action															 SMCO
SMCO Timout															 SMCO
ASM instance recovery														 SMON
Reliable Test Dummy Call													 TEST
Test managed actions														 TEST
TEST initialization														 TEST
Check TEST initialization complete												 TEST
Initiate KSBCITST														 TEST
Monitor initialization														 TMON
Monitor wakeup															 TMON
TPZ initialization														 TPZ*
Test Process wakeup														 TPZ*
Multi procs per DTP														 UTMU
Action to process msgs from instance processes											 XDMG
Diskgroup timeout actions for Exadata disks auto manage module									 XDMG
Infrequent timeout actions for Exadata disks auto manage module 								 XDMG
Interrupt actions for Exadata disks auto manage module										 XDMG

530 rows selected.

SQL> select * from v$version;

BANNER_LEGACY																			     CON_ID
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release - Production
Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release - Production
Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release - Production													  0




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