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Error Description Corruption related to:
ORA-1578 ORA-1578一般为Oracle检测到存在物理坏块问题,包括其检测数据块中的checksum不正确,或者tail_chk信息不正确等。 ORA-1578 is reported when a block is thought to be corrupt on read. Block


OERR: ORA-1578 “ORACLE data block corrupted (file # %s, block # %s)” Master Note
OERR: ORA-1578 “ORACLE data block corrupted (file # %s, block # %s)”
Fractured Block explanation
Handling Oracle Block Corruptions in Oracle7/8/8i/9i/10g/11g
Diagnosing and Resolving 1578 reported on a Local Index of a Partitioned table
ORA-1410 ORA-1410错误常见于从INDEX或其他途径获得的ROWID,到数据表中查询发现没有对应的记录。


This error is raised when an operation refers to a ROWID in a table for which there is no such row.
The reference to a ROWID may be implicit from a WHERE CURRENT OF clause or directly from a WHERE ROWID=… clause.
ORA 1410 indicates the ROWID is for a BLOCK that is not part of this table.


Understanding The ORA-1410
Summary Of Bugs Containing ORA 1410
OERR: ORA 1410 “invalid ROWID”
ORA-8103 该ORA-8103可能由多个BUG引起,例如LOB在10.2.0.4之前可能会由于BUG覆盖了另一张表的segment header,导致出现ORA-8103错误。

诊断该问题可以从数据表的segment header和data_object_id入手。

The object has been deleted by another user since the operation began.
If the error is reproducible, following may be the reasons:-
a.) The header block has an invalid block type.
b.) The data_object_id (seg/obj) stored in the block is different than the data_object_id stored in the segment header. See dba_objects.data_object_id and compare it to the decimal value stored in the block (field seg/obj).


ORA-8103 Troubleshooting, Diagnostic and Solution
OERR: ORA-8103 “object no longer exists” / Troubleshooting, Diagnostic and Solution
ORA-8102 ORA-8102常见于索引键值与表上存的值不一致。 An ORA-08102 indicates that there is a mismatch between the key(s) stored in the index and the values stored in the table. What typically happens is the index is built and at some future time, some type of corruption occurs, either in the table or index, to cause the mismatch. Index


OERR ORA-8102 “index key not found, obj# %s, file %s, block %s (%s)
ORA-1499 对表和索引做交叉验证时发现问题 An error occurred when validating an index or a table using the ANALYZE command.
One or more entries does not point to the appropriate cross-reference.


ORA-1499. Table/Index row count mismatch
OERR: ORA-1499 table/Index Cross Reference Failure – see trace file
ORA-1498 Generally this is a result of an ANALYZE … VALIDATE … command.
This error generally manifests itself when there is inconsistency in the data/Index block. Some of the block check errors that may be found:-
a.) Row locked by a non-existent transaction
b.) The amount of space used is not equal to block size
c.) Transaction header lock count mismatch.
While support are processing the tracefile it may be worth the re-running the ANALYZE after restarting the database to help show if the corruption is consistent or if it ‘moves’.
Send the tracefile to support for analysis.
If the ANALYZE was against an index you should check the whole object. Eg: Find the tablename and execute:
OERR: ORA 1498 “block check failure – see trace file”
ORA-26040 由于采用过nologging/unrecoverable选项的redo生成机制,且做过对应的recover,导致数据块中被填满了0XFF,导致报错ORA-26040。 Trying to access data in block that was loaded without redo generation using the NOLOGGING/UNRECOVERABLE option.
This Error raises always together with ORA-1578


OERR ORA-26040 Data block was loaded using the NOLOGGING option
ORA-1578 / ORA-26040 Corrupt blocks by NOLOGGING – Error explanation and solution
ORA-1578 ORA-26040 in a LOB segment – Script to solve the errors
ORA-1578 ORA-26040 in 11g for DIRECT PATH with NOARCHIVELOG even if LOGGING is enabled
ORA-1578 ORA-26040 On Awr Table
Errors ORA-01578, ORA-26040 On Standby Database
Workflow Tables ORA-01578 ORACLE data block corrupted ORA-26040 Data block was loaded using the NOLOGGING option
ORA-1578, ORA-26040 Data block was loaded using the NOLOGGING option
ORA-600[12700] 从索引获得的ROWID,对应到数据表时发现不存在数据行错误。

一把是一致性度consistent read问题

Oracle is trying to access a row using its ROWID, which has been obtained from an index.
A mismatch was found between the index rowid and the data block it is pointing to. The rowid points to a non-existent row in the data block. The corruption can be in data and/or index blocks.
ORA-600 [12700] can also be reported due to a consistent read (CR) problem.
Consistent Read


Resolving an ORA-600 [12700] error in Oracle 8 and above.
ORA-600 [12700] “Index entry Points to Missing ROWID”
ORA-600[3020] 主要问题是redo和数据块中的信息不一致 This is called a ‘STUCK RECOVERY’.
There is an inconsistency between the information stored in the redo and the information stored in a database block being recovered.
ORA-600 [3020] “Stuck Recovery”
Information Required for Root Cause Analysis of ORA-600 [3020] (stuck recovery)
ORA-600[4194] 主要是redo记录与回滚rollback/undo的记录不一致 A mismatch has been detected between Redo records and rollback (Undo) records.
We are validating the Undo record number relating to the change being applied against the maximum undo record number recorded in the undo block.
This error is reported when the validation fails.
ORA-600 [4194] “Undo Record Number Mismatch While Adding Undo Record”
Basic Steps to be Followed While Solving ORA-00600 [4194]/[4193] Errors Without Using Unsupported parameter
ORA-600[4193] 主要是redo记录与回滚rollback/undo的记录不一致 A mismatch has been detected between Redo records and Rollback (Undo) records.
We are validating the Undo block sequence number in the undo block against the Redo block sequence number relating to the change being applied.
This error is reported when this validation fails.
ORA-600 [4193] “seq# mismatch while adding undo record”
Basic Steps to be Followed While Solving ORA-00600 [4194]/[4193] Errors Without Using Unsupported parameter
Ora-600 [4193] When Opening Or Shutting Down A Database
ORA-600 [4193] When Trying To Open The Database
ORA-600[4137] transaction id不匹配,问题可能存在与回滚段中或者对象本身存在讹误 While backing out an undo record (i.e. at the time of rollback) we found a transaction id mis-match indicating either a corruption in the rollback segment or corruption in an object which the rollback segment is trying to apply undo records on.
This would indicate a corrupted rollback segment.
ORA-600 [4137] “XID in Undo and Redo Does Not Match”
ORA-600[6101] Not enough free space was found when inserting a row into an index leaf block during the application of undo. Index
ORA-600 [6101] “insert into leaf block (undo)”
ORA-600[2103] Oracle is attempting to read or update a generic entry in the control file.
If the entry number is invalid, ORA-600 [2130] is logged.
Control File
ORA-600 [2130] “Attempt to access non-existant controlfile entry”
ORA-600[4512] Oracle is checking the status of transaction locks within a block.
If the lock number is greater than the number of lock entries, ORA-600 [4512] is reported followed by a stack trace, process state and block dump.
This error possibly indicates a block corruption.
ORA-600 [4512] “Lock count mismatch”
ORA-600[2662] 主要是发现一个数据块的SCN甚至超过了当前SCN,常规解决途径有调整SCN等,但11.2以后Oracle公司使较多调整SCN的方法失效了 A data block SCN is ahead of the current SCN.
The ORA-600 [2662] occurs when an SCN is compared to the dependent SCN stored in a UGA variable.
If the SCN is less than the dependent SCN then we signal the ORA-600 [2662] internal error.
ORA-600 [2662] “Block SCN is ahead of Current SCN”
ORA-600[4097] 访问一个回滚段头以便确认事务是否已提交时,发现XID有问题 We are accessing a rollback segment header to see if a transaction has been committed.
However, the xid given is in the future of the transaction table.
This could be due to a rollback segment corruption issue OR you might be hitting the following known problem.
ORA-600 [4097] “Corruption”
ORA-600[4000] It means that Oracle has tried to find an undo segment number in the dictionary cache and failed. Undo
ORA-600 [4000] “trying to get dba of undo segment header block from usn”
ORA-600[6006] Oracle is undoing an index leaf key operation. If the key is not found, ORA-00600 [6006] is logged.
ORA-600[6006] is usually caused by a media corruption problem related to either a lost write to disk or a corruption on disk.
ORA-600 [6006]
ORA-600[4552] This assertion is raised because we are trying to unlock the rows in a block, but receive an incorrect block type.
The second argument is the block type received.
ORA-600 [4555]
ORA-600[6856] Oracle is checking that the row slot we are about to free is not already on the free list.
This internal error is raised when this check fails.
ORA-600 [6856] “Corrupt Block When Freeing a Row Slot
ORA-600[13011] During a delete operation we are deleting from a view via an instead-of trigger or an Index organized table and have exceeded a 5000 pass count when we raise this exception. Row
ORA-600 [13011] “Problem occurred when trying to delete a row”
ORA-600[13013] During the execution of an UPDATE statement, after several attempts (Arg [a] passcount) we are unable to get a stable set of rows that conform to the WHERE clause. Row
ORA-600 [13013] “Unable to get a Stable set of Records”
How to resolve ORA-00600 [13013], [5001]
ORA-600 [13030]
ORA-600[25012] We are trying to generate the absolute file number given a tablespace number and relative file number and cannot find a matching file number or the file number is zero. afn/rdba/tsn
ORA-600 [25012] “Relative to Absolute File Number Conversion Error”
ORA-600[25026] Looking up/checking a tablespace
invalid tablespace ID and/or rdba found
ORA-600 [25026]
ORA-600[25027] Invalid tsn and/or rfn found afn/rdba/tsn
ORA-600 [25027]
ORA-600[kcbz_check_objd_typ] 内存中的block buffer检测发现存在错误的object id An object block buffer in memory is checked and is found to have the wrong object id. This is most likely due to corruption. Buffer Cache
ORA-600 [kcbz_check_objd_typ_3]
ORA-600 [kcbz_check_objd_typ]
ORA-600[kddummy_blkchkORA-600[kdblkcheckerror] 一种逻辑检测发现问题的情况 ORA-600[kddummy_blkchk] is for 10.1/10.2 and ORA-600[kdblkcheckerror] for 11 onwards. Block
ORA-600 [kddummy_blkchk]
How to Resolve ORA-00600[kddummy_blkchk]
ORA-600 [kdblkcheckerror]
QREF – kddummy_blkchk / kdBlkCheckError – Check Codes Listing (Full) [This section is not visible to customers.]
QREF – kddummy_blkchk / kdBlkCheckError – Check Codes Definition && Return Values[This section is not visible to customers.]
ORA-600[ktadrprc-1] Dictionary


ORA-600 [ktadrprc-1]
ORA-600[ktsircinfo_num1] SYS.SEG$字典表导致row cache字典缓存中存在意外 This exception occurs when there are problems obtaining the row cache information correctly from sys.seg$. In most cases there is no information in sys.seg$. Dictionary


ORA-600 [ktsircinfo_num1]
ORA-600[qertbfetchbyrowid] Row
ORA-600 [qertbfetchbyrowid]
ORA-600[ktbdchk1-bad dscn] This exception is raised when we are performing a sanity check on the dependent SCN and fail.
The dependent scn is greater than the current scn.
ORA-600 [ktbdchk1: bad dscn]





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