Oracle critical problem (system.dbf crash, no backup, no metadata)

Sometimes our customer’s DB is crash via some reason or working as a DBA.

I know Oracle dul very well, but I’m not Oracle Korea’s employee or engineer.

So I cann’t get Oracle dul binary anytime if I want.


There was a critical problem (system.dbf crash, no backup, no metadata) at monday(25, May)
one of my big customers instance.
So I used dul without system dbf and unloading unitl now.
As I said, I am not Oracle employee, so it’s very hard to ask latest dul binary to someone…
And it spent lots of time….
There is another two question.
1. Is there any distribute or partner in Korea to sell your product ?
2. Can I buy your product for support our customer’s databases recovery ?
Thanks for your interesting . Till now ,we have no partner in Korean . We sell PRM as as product , but we also provide recovery service for some case like yours . If system dbf is not lost ,but just corrupted , we can fix problem and open database without PRM or DUL . The recovery service can be approached by remote control or onsite. By this way , we can recovery from trouble as soon as possible , for we just patch the database , extracting & restoring data is no longer needed . The service fee is up to case .PRM price is 1500 US dollar Enterprise License per Database , anyone can buy and pay via Credit card or Paypal.




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