Always good to know that starting from 11g amdu is included in the distribution. Amdu is the asm dump utility. Apart
from dumping asm metadata it also has an -extract option to extract a file from an asm disk group. It is a standalone
utility, if needed you can even use it with 10g.
amdu help=yes prints information on how to use it.

asm 11g

Asm 11g uses variable extents, this is not supported in the 10.2 version of DUL. Ask for for a beta version if you
encounter this.

control.dul for asm

DUL needs to know where the asm disks are. DUL does not do automatic discovery the disks. This is the file I use
for testing:
disk /11gr2/oradata/dsk0
disk /11gr2/oradata/dsk1
disk /11gr2/oradata/dsk2
disk /11gr2/oradata/dsk3
disk /11gr2/oradata/dsk4
disk /11gr2/oradata/dsk5
First list all the asm disk, DUL will find out the diskgroups etc from header inspection, if you did not configure any
datafiles in a diskgroup, DUL tries to list the files it finds, otherwise its silent.
The essential bit of a file name is the diskgroupname and the file number, the combination is used to identify the
datafile in the diskgroup.
to be continued.




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