Oracle DUL type of tool for corrupt data pump export


I have a customer heard about DUL tool. The database they have is on Windows 64 bit OS (Single instance, file system) and they are trying to recover database. Corruption came from UPS power failure which corrupted file system.

They have a data pump export which appears to be corrupt according to “DataPump Import (IMPDP) Fails With Errors ORA31694 ORA31644
(Doc ID 1417033.1)”.
Is there any tool (including DUL itself) that can extract some data from corrupt datapump file ?


yes there are some unpump capabilities built into DUL. You will probably need some help as the commands are still a bit rough and require some manual steps.

For corrupt file systems, we can also mine the disk to try to retrieve the data blocks directly from the disk itself instead of the file system. If that is possible depends on what repair actions were done, as typically each attempt makes things worse.


It will be great if help on DUL and on disk is possible.
At this point, looks like DUL and disk level recovery
Is the only option. The good thing in this case is customer is using VMware and I got one copy where chkdsk has not
Been run yet. We can try any thing and restore VMware
Image after that.


You can check in

and use the UNPUMP option of DUL to rescue the file.




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