Oracle system01.dbf corruption

my oracle database died. The datafile system01.dbf was corrupt after a power outage.

the server disks have several files corrupt including archivelogs

the backup was lost

Anyone know a strategy to recover this database?

if not I need to extract data from an oracle to dbf csv someone knows a tool to do this?


Depending on the ‘corruption’  and condition of the other files, Oracle support may be able to help you force the database open in an inconsistent manner just to export your data.  You will need to log an SR for them to work directly with you.
As for ‘extract data’, there is a service which field support performs.


There may be a possibility of data salvaging by usage of DUL (Data unloader) .If you have lost everything, Oracle Constulting may be able to assist using the DUL tool, but note it is at a cost above your normal support, so that should be a last resort.

There is also a third party tool available with the Abbreviation Oracle PRM-DUL
 (Data unloading by data extraction). Refer  for more info..





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