SHOUG User Group Young Expert Program

SHOUG User Group Young Expert Program, 用户组年轻专家计划, 如果你有oracle技术相关的博客或者最近在微博/微信上发表具有代表性的文章,那么可以得到SHOUG的年轻专家提名, 提名由Oracle审核后,获得提名者 可以获得免费的Oracle考试券 以及 其文章将被发表到OTN CHINA


1、 Publish a blog post or article about Oracle Database technology (subject and link are required).
2、 Have a posting on Weibo or Wechat that has been forwarded or referenced by Oracle China Weibo or Wechat (screen shot or links are required).
3、 Lead an Oracle database session at a conference or event (subject and link of the slide deck are required).

考试券数量有限,先到先得! 若您觉得自己达成以上条件,那么请将自己的文章/博客地址 发送到





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