下表列出了Mysql 主要数据引擎架构(如myisam、innodb Storage Engine )的特性比较:


Feature MyISAM NDB Archive InnoDB Memory
Storage Limits No Yes No 64TB Yes
Transactions No Yes No Yes No
Locking granularity Table Row Row Row Table
MVCC snapshot read No No No Yes No
Geospatial support Yes No Yes Yes No
Data caches No Yes No Yes NA
Index Caches Yes Yes No Yes NA
Compressed Data Yes No Yes No No
Storage cost (relative to other engines) Small Med Small Med NA
Memory cost (relative to other engines) Low High Low High High
Bulk insert speed High High Highest Med High
Replication Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Foreign Key support No No No Yes No
Built-in Cluster/High-availability support No Yes No No No



Dynamically add and remove storage engines.
Change the storage engine on a table with “ALTER TABLE …”




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