ORACLE RAT Real Application Testing Checklist


Pre Capture Checklist

Review database version & review list of one off patches applied as per MOS Note 560977.1 both for capture database as well as replay database
Review AWR/Statspack reports from peak workload
Review alert.log at least from last startup in the capture database
Review hardware, storage details & disk space for capture database as well as replay database
Estimate disk space required to do database capture
Review current CPU  & memory usage without database capture
Review plan for SPA capture into the  Sql Tuning Sets
Review  description of application  & database feature usage
Review the exact commands/scripts/navigation From EM  to be used to do the database Capture as well as SPA capture
Review plan for backup & restore of database
Plan for a small duration dry run of database capture & database replay before moving to Large duration database capture & database replay


Post Capture check List

Review database capture report
Review database capture period AWR report
Export AWR data at the end of the database capture



Execute & review results of SPA trials & fix any identified SQL regressions in the test system where database replay will be done


Preprocess side

Review version of database & list of one off patches applied as per MOS Note 560977.1
Did the preprocess  completed successfully
Review  workload analyzer report & follow recommendations



Replay Side

Review database version & List of one off patches applied as per MOS Note 560977.1.

Ensure database replay client WRC is executed from a patched ORACLE_HOME  as per MOS Note 560977.1

Review Hardware setup.  Pay special attention for RAC &  Exadata setup
Review network related settings. Listener.ora, tnsnames.ora etc

Ensure to Isolate test database from production databases

Review database restore point and flashback setup
Review schema setup. Validate No missing user, views, synonyms etc as compared to Capture database
Review the exact commands/scripts/ navigation From EM & options to be used to do the Database Replay & deploy WRC. Review connection remapping
Execute database replay of  smaller duration capture  & validate its success
Execute  database replay of larger duration capture & check if it  completes successfully
In case of problem follow MOS Note 1287620.1 for traces & other debug information. Open an SR if needed. Please Provide very detailed information.


Post Replay


Review Database Replay Report
Review  Compare period Report
Review  Replay Period AWR Report





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