Slide:11g新特性-在线实施补丁online patching


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  1. […] Slide:Oracle数据库升级前必要的准备工作 Slide:11g新特性-在线实施补丁online patching Slide:了解Oracle critical patch update Slide:配置Oracle 10g双向流复制 Slide:深入了解Oracle自动内存管理ASMM by Maclean Liu Slide:了解真实的Oracle Unbreakable Database Appliance Slide:配置GoldenGate同步DDL语句 Slide:如何安装Oracle one-off 临时小补丁及注意事项 by Maclean.liu Slide:Upgrade RAC DB/RDBMS to in Linux By Maclean Slide:Upgrade GI/CRS to in Linux 了解Oracle RAC Brain Split Resolution Probe how does your PGA consume Does Rman Backup benefit from Large Pool? Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c(12.1) OMS&Agent安装图文指南 还原真实的cache recovery Oracle优化器:星型转换 深入理解Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) Basic Oracle For Developer & Beginner Startup Upgrade为我们做了什么? 11g新特性:Rolling Upgrade With Physical Standby Duplicate standby database from active database Examine 11g automatic block Corruption recovery How to recover from on 11.2 Grid Infrastructure Failed 为10g RAC Cluster添加节点 11g新特性:Streams同步捕获 Convert your single instance to 10g RAC by manual 为Oracle Clusterware修改公用及私有网络接口 Discover Your Missed ASM Disks GoldenGate实现Live Standby主备库切换 再议RAC Brain Split脑裂 一次Exadata上的ORA-600[kjbmprlst:shadow]故障分析 Oracle数据恢复:解决ORA-00600:[4000] ORA-00704: bootstrap process failure错误一例 CBO为什么不走索引? 何时会发生db file sequential read等待事件? SQL调优:Clustering Factor影响数据删除速度一例 Oracle Internal Research深入研究Oracle内部原理 快速升级Oracle RAC到11.2.0.3 Oracle中加速索引创建或重建的方法 手工模拟Oracle数据块逻辑讹误引发ORA-00600:[13013], [5001]一例 使用bbed解决ORA-01189错误 总结ORA-00600问题 […]




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